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Which Amp Series is right for you...

The VINTAGE AMERICAN SERIES use 8 pin or "Octal" pre amp tubes and embody the
FIrst Generation of American Amplifiers.  Like ordering a 1940-1950 amplifier brand new.

The AMERICAN SERIES use 9 pin or "Noval" pre amp tubes for a more "High Gain" approach to your tone.
Kind of like ordering a 1950-1960 amplifier that is brand new. 

This will give you an idea of what is available but we will also consult with you to find the right series and model for your playing style, venues, and instruments. 

VINTAGE AMERICAN SERIES   Octal Based         "Series 8"

            6V6 Models - 22 (2-Power Tubes) / 44(4-Power Tubes)

            6L6 Octal Based Model 50 (2-Power Tubes)

            KT Series (6550/KT88/KT120)

AMERICAN SERIES     Noval Based (Higher Gain)  "Series 9"

            6V6 Class A 8 Watt or 10 Watt

            6L6 Model "59 (2-Power Tubes) 50 Watt

            6L6 Model "89 (4-Power Tubes) 100 Watt

SPEAKER CABINETS:  112, 112L, 115, 212, 310, 410
                                    and 112B (Bass Speaker)

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