Little Walter Tube Amps

Its important that you find the right Amplifier for your music...

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SERIES 9/Noval Based preamp section (9 Pin):

      Higher Gain, Clean Tone that can be driven to Overdrive

                                             "These amps are perfect from the studio to the large concert stages.
                                                These amps have unparalleled tone and the horspower to handle
                                                 any venue"
                                                                                                                   " Paul Franklin "

6L6 Power Tubes
50 Watt "59" >
Pure American Clean Tone.  2 6L6 Power Tubes.  Unbelievable Punch and Bite.

100 Watt "89" >
100 Watt PB100 >
Pure American Clean Tone on "Steroids".  4 6L6 Power Tubes.  Horse Power when you need it.

Remember Tube Bass Amps?   4 6L6 Power Tubes.  Tone for Days.

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Paul Franklin Signature 100 Watt "89" >
The Best Pedal Steel Amp..Period!  4 6L6 Power Tubes with more than enough headroom.