Little Walter Tube Amps

SERIES 8/Octal Based preamp section (8 pin):

        Warm, Fat tone with umparalleled dynamic response.

                            "If you want to hear what your instrument sounds like,
                     you should play a Little Walter Tube Amp.  It's the TRUTH."
                                                                                                                    Vince Gill

44 Watt >
22 Watt >
50 Watt >
Twin Series >

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80 Watt >
AR-50 >
6V6 Power Tubes
6L6 Power Tubes
6550/KT88/KT120 Power Tubes
Twin Chassis Models
Classic vintage 6V6 tone with natural breakup.  Ability to use 6L6 tubes to increase headroom.
Classic vintage 6V6 tone with natural breakup.  4 6V6 Power Tubes for increased headroom.  Unbelievable Dynamic Response.

Classic American 6L6 Clean, Fat tone
Great Dynamic Response.
Original 2 knob (Vol/Tone) Or
VG Tone Stack (Vol/Bass/Treb)

Clean Guitar and Pedal Steel Tone
Great for Big Bodied / Hollow Body Guitars
VG Tone Stack (Vol/Bass/Treb)
Can Substitute 6L6 Power Tubes
Huge Headroom - Super Clean Tone
Perfect for Acoustic Instruments
VG Tone Stack (Vol/Bass/Treb)
Acoustic Guitar/Fiddle/Pedal Steel
Two Independant Chassis in one Head
50 / VG50 / 22
Use with 2 Speakers or Stereo/Mono 212

Its important that you find the right Amplifier for your music...

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