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In this world of "Lunch Box" size mega-watt amplifiers we felt that there was a need for an alternative.  This amp embodies the tone of the early bass amps we all grew up with. 

The 100 watt "PB100" has a 12AX7 preamp tube, a 12AX7 mid-amp tube and a 12AX7 phase inverter tube and  4 -  6L6's power tubes. Power rectification is handled by a GZ34.

This amp has 4 input jacks:  2 on the Bright Channel and 2 for the normal channel (the top jacks are regular and the bottom jack is padded for extra hot pickups or active pickups).  These channels can also be bridged to fatten and achieve a hotter output.  You can plug into the bright channel (top jack) and then jumper from the bottom jack of the bright to the top jack of the normal.  You can then adjust the two volumes to achieve the output you desire.

The Tone Stack for the "89" has: Bright Volume, Normal Volume, High Cut, Mid Cut, Bass Cut, and the most responsive presence control you have ever heard.  The presence can sweep from dark to very bright and is perfect for compensating for bright or dark rooms.

This amp is known for its extreme clean tone and headroom with great dynamic response.

This amp is on tour with Brad Albin of the Time Jumpers.  Brad can use his acoustic upright bass as well as his vintage Precision Bass with only a small tweak of the tone stack.  You need to hear the PB100 and remember what Tube Bass Tone sounds and feels like.
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