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Meet the Builder / Amp Clinics

Designer / Builder Phil Bradbury
will be holding Free educational
amp clinics to help guitar players
understand the Tube Amplifier.
Most guitar players use amps,
but some may not understand
the nuances that can take their
playing to the next level.
Dates to be announced soon.

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TubeVerb - Analog is Back

The new digital reverb pedals
are nice but nothing will replace
the sound and tone of a true
Analog Spring Reverb Tank.
The TubeVerb has a 3 spring,
3 tube, hand-wired chassis to
create the sound of the true
Studio Reverb Tone.

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Deals on any of our Amplifiers

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Limited Edition Allman Brothers
Big House Tribute Amp
More than just a Guitar Amp...
It's a Little Walter Tube Amp